Fancy Colored Diamonds for Sale

If you are thinking about what is available to you in regard to loose colored diamonds, you have come to the right place. Diamonds come in many colors other than the clear or white diamond that has come to be a classic. Let’s take a closer look into diamond colors, which colors are authentic and other details about loose colored diamonds. We will look at yellow, red, brown, pink and even the very rare green colored diamond. After all, a diamond is not just a woman’s best friend; it is a timeless, classy jewel that will always be in style.

Fancy Colored Diamonds for Sale

Fancy Colored Diamonds for Sale

Many people prefer colored diamonds to the classic clear or white diamond. There are two ways in which diamonds can come to have color. Gemologists can use technique to color them or they can be found naturally, although the latter is very rare. Only one percent of minded diamonds have color.

Many times, a less than perfect clear diamond will be colored, creating a very much sought after jewel. This is done by treating the diamond with irradiation and then very intense heat, depending on the desired color. This can turn clear diamonds into yellow, brown, blue, red, purple and other colors. When diamonds are colored in this way, they are considered to be permanent, although one must keep in mind that in some cases color can change again if the diamond is exposed to very high temperatures, which often occurs during repair.

When shopping for loose colored diamonds, you should be aware that the diamonds will most likely be artificially colored as stated above; since naturally occurring colored diamonds is extremely rare and they are even more extremely expensive. Naturally colored diamonds that are mined are often referred to as fancy color diamonds. A diamond lab certificate will always show you the true stare of the gem and validate it authenticity.

Yellow diamonds are the most common natural colors and are caused by the amount of nitrogen in the stone. The nitrogen affects how must light is absorbed into the diamond, which in turn gives it a color. For example, if a small amount of nitrogen is captured inside the diamond while it is being formed, it will be yellow and if a large amount is caught, that diamond will then be more of an orange color.

Aside from treatments of irradiation and heat, some diamonds are simply coated and a buyer should be aware of this if purchasing loose colored diamonds. Coating a diamond is not permanent is usually done in bad faith and unethically to deceive a buyer. This is done by putting a solution on the gem that covers any yellow tinting. In other cases, purple or blue coloring will be inked on the gem to counteract any yellowing and this is usually hidden in the setting.

The only legitimate method of coloring a diamond is to use irradiation and heat; this creates greens, blues, purples, red and just about any color you can imagine. Those who have loose colored diamonds should always keep the gems away from high heat and the gems should be cleaned appropriately to keep the beautiful colors intact.
If you are thinking about purchasing loose colored diamond, you may want to consider buying in bulk to save money and when it comes to colors, it is usually a good idea to have a little bit of everything, to please all of your customers.


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