Is Investing In Loose Diamonds Good?

Diamonds have been valued as treasure since ancient times; they have been crafted into beautiful and wonderful pieces and make the perfect engagement rings. While it is true that they are still after all these years a girl’s best friend, they are also unique in other ways as well such as in investing.

It is a world built off investments, the more investments you have the better your future will be. In today’s world more than not people have investments in stocks and bonds; did you know though that investing in diamonds is as financial setting as investing in stocks and bonds themselves? It’s true.

Investing In Loose Diamonds

If you can wrap your hand around some diamonds you should certainly keep a hold of them and invest as much as you can in them. The Diamond Protection Service who are a division of De beers Limited own 80 percent of the diamonds that are produced in the world. Between the years of 1980-1990 statistics proved that the value of diamonds went up by 70 percent. Since the 19th century the popularity of diamonds has certainly been on the rise and they are becoming more popular even today.

Investing in loose diamonds if very good business, it is very lucrative as well. Approximately 20 percent of all the diamonds which are mined are made into jewelry and the other 80 percent is made into other items used for industrial purposes such as surgical equipment, lasers and drill parts.

Right now princess cut diamonds are the diamond of choice and they are becoming more popular in a heart shape for engagement rings. Through-out years and years of engagements however the diamond itself has been chose more often than any other gem which means there will always be a need for diamonds and it would be wise to get a hand on them to secure a great future.

Diamonds as an Investment

Selling loose diamonds is also a very good business, you can buy a whole bunch of diamonds from wholesale jewelry stores and sell them just as they are for investment purposes or you can also take classes on how to set diamonds into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so that you can make extra money through selling diamond jewelry. Make sure though no matter if you are selling loose diamonds or making jewelry to sell that you set up a website for more clientele, you can use a black velvet dropping as a background for these diamonds to help show off their gorgeous shine which will produce more customers.

It does not matter whether or not you are planning to sell them or invest in them diamonds are certainly the way to go. So buy a stock of them today.