Ivanka Trump Jewelry – Diamond Jewelry with Principle

Ivanka Trump jewelry is unlike any other. It has principles. The background of this designer and her jewelry is unique. This attitude is reflected in her confident diamond designs. She designs for women who have a strong sense of themselves. Her designs are reflective of confidence and tradition. But each piece has a sense of redefining the classics just enough to be contemporary and stylish.

Ivanka Trump Diamond Jewelry

She is a powerhouse businesswoman who has caught the attention of many around the world. Her dedication to ‘conflict-free diamonds’ marks her principled work. She is not only a woman for all women, but dedicated to not supporting violent causes by purchasing non-principled sale of diamonds.

Ivanka Trump Diamond Collection

Trump looks more like a model than a high powered business owner, although she does often model her own jewelry. But she is not to be underestimated. She may be wealthy and stunningly beautiful, but she is also a noted businesswoman. Forbes.com recognized her talents and featured her online. Many might worry that her beauty would cause her to be overlooked and not taken seriously, but this woman demands respect. Not only is she a talented jewelry designer, but a woman who is not afraid to stick to her principles. Ivanka Trump jewelry reflects this dedication.

Ivanka Trump jewelry features rock crystal, onyx, diamonds, and mother of pearl set in mostly 18k white gold. But each piece also carries with it a dedication to principled materials. Many diamonds on the market are available for better prices when sold by those that are trying to fund wars and conquests.

Mother of Pearl Diamond Earrings

Trump ensures that her materials are free from ‘conflict’. She personally checks her sources or has written guarantees that she is not funding any conflict, endangering the environment, or contributing to social upheaval. These diamonds are in compliance with UN and global trade regulations.

Ivanka Trump Diamond Bands

Success and principle aside, Ivanka Trump jewelry is beautifully designed and of high quality. Each unique design is classic and elegant. The jewelry is composed of the best materials. Some of her unique collections include the bubble collection. It is made polished rock crystal that is so transparent they look like iridescent bubbles have been made into jewelry. The black and white collection features onyx, black spinel, black diamonds, and black pearls alongside diamonds, rock crystal, south sea pearls, and white agate. These collections are the very essence of style and luxury.

Ivanka Trump Jewelry official website: ivankatrumpcollection.com