Loose Diamonds in New York

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds can be found in New York at the New York Diamond Exchange. The New York Diamond Exchange is located in the heart of New York’s diamond district. Thanks to the wonderful world wide web they are now located on the Internet, and they provide the public the opportunity to buy diamonds at wholesale/dealer prices plus commission. The loose diamonds in New York will provide a jewelry setting that is very unique and personal.

The New York Diamond Exchange or NYDEX maintains daily contact with scores of manufacturers, traders, and cutters. These people have access and many are members of the New York Diamond Dealers Club which is the United States affiliate to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses; thus providing access to the largest diamond inventories in the United States.

New York Loose Diamonds

The NYDEX is own and operated by a family who has been in the diamond industry since 1917, and the NYDEX was begun in 1979. The NYDEX was the first company to publish diamond prices for the public in the Wall Street Transcript. The NYDEX is the one of the best sources for loose diamonds in New York. Also the NYDEX will provide the best assurance of the finest service and lowest prices.

Since beginning the NYDEX has published its prices in many publications. Some of these publications include the: New York Times, New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the USA Today newspaper. They can also be found in many other publications.

Remember when searching for loose diamonds in New York the most important aspect is that these diamonds are certified. The best diamonds are GIA certified. The NYDEX sells only GIA certified diamonds. They will also provide at no additional cost a color/clarity c-certification authentication by any of the other grading reports such as EGL or IGI for verification of the GIA grading report.

Other sources of loose diamonds in New York are available, but one must be wary and careful to choose only the best diamonds. Another source for purchasing loose diamonds in New York has been in existence since 1961. The Diamond Registry has certified wholesale loose diamonds. The Diamond Registry has is another major international diamond distributor and serves over 3000 jewelers. In 1997 the Diamond Registry began to sell to the public via the Internet with the same low prices.

The Diamond Registry is a prime source for the diamonds obtained from the mines to unique cut and polished stones. They also serve as a repository and clearing house for $30 million worth of diamonds of every cut, color, clarity and size. They also have the ability to find the most innovative of diamond cuts.

Loose Diamonds in New York

As with the NYDEX, The Diamond Registry also is a member of Good-Standing with these associations: The Diamond Dealers Club of New York, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, the Jewelers Board of Trade and the Gemological Association of Great Britain. The service provided by The Diamond Registry streamlines worldwide diamond sales & supply so you can easily purchase or sell every type quality, size and shape of diamond to fit your needs. Thus the registry provides insider information at the fingertips of the buyer.

The NYDEX and The Diamond Registry both have guarantees in writing and even a return goods policy if not satisfied. Both of these companies accept all major credit cards for payment. Finding loose diamonds in New York is fairly easy. These two companies will provide you with the best GIA certified diamonds available for wholesale prices.

These companies take the guess work out of searching for loose diamonds in New York that are of good quality and GIA certified. The jewelry trend of today is to wear unique jewelry that states only your personality. The Diamond Registry and The New York Diamond Exchange companies allow you to invest in yourself by offering great diamonds at wholesale prices.


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