Princess Cut Loose Diamonds

More people than ever before are buying jewelry online and the purchase of diamonds online has grown substantially. Why? Because consumers and businesses are realizes that purchasing online saves a lot of money and still delivers high quality items. Let’s take a look at girl’s best friend: the diamond and princess cut loose diamonds in particular. While there are many popular cuts to a diamond, the princess cut is one of the most popular. By following a few guidelines, you will find that buying princess cut loose diamonds via the Internet can offer you substantial savings and give you those quality diamonds that you are looking for.

Princess Cut Loose Diamonds

A princess cut diamond is that which is cut into a square in such a way as to maximize shine and brilliance. If you are looking for princess cut loose diamonds and are planning to have a this type of diamond set, do keep in mind that the acceptable and proper setting will protect the four pointed corners of the diamond. The reason for this is that if not protected those points are likely to chip. In many cases princess cut and other rectangular or square cuts have cropped corners. The settings should be four pronged settings.

Diamonds will always be treasured and always be valuable. How can you obtain princess cut loose diamonds and know that you have excellent quality and have received a fantastic deal? Just follow these below guidelines.

While this particular cut does not show any diamond flaws as easily as other cuts you will want to keep five elements in mind when purchasing princess cut loose diamonds: carat, color, clarity, cut and certified. Since you probably have already chosen your cut, the princess cut, we can go on to discuss the other elements.

Carat refers to the size. Some people wish to choose a smaller size with a high quality instead of a larger size with a lower quality. This is something that each person must decide. Taking a look at color, while just about everyone associates a diamond with a crystal white color, it can actually be found in many colors. While there are rare blue, red and even black diamonds, most consumers are looking for the classic diamond color. Princess cut diamonds and any other cut for that matter, lose quality if the gem has a yellow tint. It is a carbon flaw which can cause the yellow tinting. It is recommended to go for a smaller size and have a pure transparent diamond than to go for a larger size which is yellowed.

Clarity is the term used to describe the absence or the presence of any flaws in the diamond. In many cases, flaws can be so tiny that they can only be seen under a microscope. Certified is the fifth “C” that is not always mentioned but is very important. Be sure that your princess cut loose diamonds come with a certificate which shows that they have be certified from a lab such as the American Gem Society, the Gemological Institute of America, the Belgian Institute (HRD) or the European Gemological Lab. This will give you proof that your diamond is indeed a real, certified diamond.

Think about buying your princess cut loose diamonds online, as this almost always saves money. Online stores do not have overhead, such as electricity bills, paying employees and lease on a physical store. For this reason, most reputable online diamond dealers can offer you princess cut loose diamonds at reduced prices over what you would find in person.