Where to Sell Loose Diamonds for Big Bucks

There are many things in this world that are remarkable enough to be sold for large amounts of money. Perhaps one of the most valuable things an individual can own is a diamond. Diamonds have been popular among various cultures and communities for centuries. They are known to be priceless and highly valuable. In addition, diamonds never go out of style.

Of-course, there are times when one is in dire need of money or just craving a little extra cash. In these difficult times, one may decide that their priceless diamonds would be worth more to them if they were sold in exchange for cash rather than worn as an accessory. Fortunately, people all throughout the world are always interested in purchasing diamonds. Thus, should you choose to sell loose diamonds, you will most likely find many resources that will allow you to do so.

Where to Sell Loose Diamonds

There are several ways of finding out where to sell loose diamonds for big bucks. The selling or trading of jewelry, especially diamonds is a common practice that is shared by millions of people every day. Some people even manage to make a business out of selling loose diamonds. The fact that these diamonds continue to be in such a high demand, attributes to the utter success of most diamond sellers.

For individuals who are interested in making a few extra bucks by selling their own personal loose diamonds, there is also great hope, because even old, tarnished, scratched, or broken diamonds can be worth a lot of money. The prices of diamonds do vary by size, carat, and condition. So, if you’re planning on making a killing by selling loose diamonds, be sure to clean your diamonds before attempting to begin selling them. Of course, even dirty diamonds can be sold.

The question is, “Where to sell loose diamonds?” How do you find such places, and what are the chances of your diamonds actually getting purchased? Fortunately, finding out where to sell loose diamonds is not as difficult as it may seem. Furthermore, when you have found a suitable place or person to sell your loose diamonds to, it is almost always ensured that your diamonds will be sold. This is because, as previously mentioned, diamonds are and continue to be popular all throughout the world. Every jeweler is interested in getting their hands on some loose diamonds.

How to Sell Diamonds

Loose diamonds can be used for a various amount of things. They can be incrusted into jewelry, melted down, or used for pendants, purses, and an extensive amount of other accessories that are commonly used today. This is very beneficial for a person interested in finding out where to sell loose diamonds.

Perhaps one of the most traditional places that buy loose diamonds is pawn shops. Many of them gladly accept deals on diamonds that are up for sale. One may choose to trade, pawn, or sell their loose diamonds. So if you’re wondering where to sell loose diamonds, your first and most logical solution would be a pawn shop.

Also, some jewelry stores or jewelry manufacturers buy loose diamonds. These stores can be found by looking through the Yellow Pages or even in the newspaper.

Diamonds are forever, and finding out where to sell loose diamonds is your first step in making big bucks. Simply search your area for pawn shops or jewelry retailers that sell or trade jewelry. Diamonds are always on the top list of jewelry that these locations are willing to buy.



  1. Olav Koltveit
    Posted December 19, 2010 at 2:40 am |

    I have Credit Suisse certified 999.9 fine gold bars and high quality diamonds for sale at a reasonable cost. A total of 980 diamonds from closed-out Texas stores. Large diamonds available.

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    Olav Koltveit

  2. Castro
    Posted January 7, 2011 at 8:16 am |

    I have diamond, i want to sell